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I’m working on a mod that I have not seen elsewhere and could use your help in coming up with some ideas. You see, I don’t have the “connectivity group” option on my 15 JKU, however, I did have the dealership throw in the u-connect module. From reading up (mostly on this forum) on adding the advanced evic after the fact, it seems to be a pretty big hassle, so I gave up on that a long while ago.

Currently my steering wheel looks like the below image, with just two buttons (Step and Reset) and a bunch of blank space on the left switch cluster.

It bothers me that there is empty space with no buttons so I thought about what aftermarket things I could install there. I then had another thought of adding the advanced switch cluster and re-assigning the buttons for other functions. So, I ordered the below switch cluster (only about $42.00 on Amazon) and have outlined my plans in the below picture.

My question is, what should I do with that last remaining button? Do you have any cool ideas?

Thanks for any help!
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