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Hey y'all!
I hope I posted this in the right forum.

I am looking to buy my first 1st car and am pretty dead set on a Jeep Wrangler. I have always loved the look of Jeep and after riding in a couple of friends' I fell in love.
That being said here are some things about me that may or may not be relevant;
I am not your "typical" first car buyer in that I am 21 years old so it could be argued that I'm not as immature than my 16yr old counterpart.
I grew up driving a truck and feel that the size provides added safety.
I feel that a Wrangler will give me the height without the crazy length of a pickup which is far more practical for me.
Now clearly gas might be less than ideal but it's got to be better than the family minivan that I'm borrowing at the moment.
Also, I'm a girl if that matters.
Oh and I can drive stick!

Here's the kicker though, I am a full time college student (that also works) and funds are limited. I'm looking to keep my purchase under 7K.

All of this being said are there any Wrangler Basics you feel I should know?

Any opinions on what model better suits my needs?

If anyone has a pre 2005 Jeep what does your gas mileage look like?

Do you feel as though my budget will keep me from being able to get ahold of a jeep that will run effectively? I plan to do basic upkeep and expect the vehicle to need some work because I feel that any car in my budget will need some TLC.

I have been trying to educate myself on the wrangler in general so if anyone has any information they feel I should know I would love to hear it. :)

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I own 2 Jeeps at the moment. A 2005 LJ that I bought from a friend with very low miles. The upkeep was meticulous and he provided a log book with every single receipt for every item he had purchased to be installed. Basically, the thing was mint. My wife has a new JKU. I'd go anywhere in the country in either one of them. That said, I'm also 48 and have the discretionary income to fix stuff that might break. If you are a college student with limited funds and limited time and resources to fix stuff yourself, a used Jeep might not be the best option right now unless you get a really good deal on a really low miles mint one.

As bad as I wanted a Jeep in college, I'm so glad I didn't get one. I had several friends that had them. They were all used Jeeps that were roughly in the price range you are looking at. They were fun as hell to play in, but most of them spent considerable time "getting fixed". Not to mention the poor gas mileage, lack of space, etc.

I know this probably isn't what you want to hear and I'm sure others will disagree. That said, there is nothing cooler than a Jeep Wrangler, and short of a bad ass vintage muscle car there is probably nothing I'd rather drive. However, there is nothing more miserable than riding in a poorly built, raggedy Jeep Wrangler as well. If you get one, you better have the means to repair a bunch of stuff, especially if it was built by someone else. Good luck.

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The negatives:

-unable to secure anything in a soft top(just leave the doors unlocked and loose change in the ash tray for "Santa"...or buy a hard top which blows in the summer.

-small back seat for friends

-crumy fuel mileage...plan on 15mpg average

-everyone wants to ride "in da jeep"

-most don't have A/C or cruise

-in rough areas(not on the trail, but in the big city) you are much more vulnerable in a open jeep for those street savages with nefarious inclinations....situatational awareness is a MUST...ALL THE TIME!


-turns on a dime, easy to park

-everyone wants to ride "in da jeep"

-friends love the small back seat

-soft tops down in the summer are awesome, add a Bikini top to keep some of the rain off you(rain gear optional and yes I have done that)

-you never have to worry about someone stealing you stuff out of your jeep because you take it with you in a backpack

-chicks in Jeeps are sexy, and by far more noticed than any other female on campus except for the cheerleaders during a game

-driving a jeep is fun, you will find yourself making excuses to do so

-road trips in the open jeep make you experience the environment(like on a motorbike)......warmth, humidity, heat, smells, will feel more .....uhmmmm...alive than in any other cage(car).

The bottom line, is that no, a jeep is not really practical for a college student. But I say the hell with that, live, ride, have fun, life is really really short...............ENJOY IT!

ps...get a/c and cruise and it can be had had for 7K. Shop long and hard and find one that is not 'modded" and has NO RUST!!!!....did I say no rust???
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