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'89 YJ 4.2 with MC-2150 Carb & HEI, 2-1/2" Ex. AX-15, NP231 SYE, Adams shafts, F&R ARB, 3
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A few months ago I bought a new lower shaft to my power steering box. Got it from 4 wheel parts. went to install but apparently there are two shaft styles connecting to steering column. Splined and Non Splined for lack of a better description. Needless to say I bought the wrong one and never took it back. Soooo.....

For Sale - One New Lower Power steering shaft complete from column to Pump. Telescoping shaft, new u-joints. THIS MODEL HAS THE SPLINES ON THE CONNECTION TO THE COLUMN. Don't quote me, but I believe it's for '91 on up.

I have an ad in the YJ parts section if anyone is interested in a great deal. send me a PM.

As a Side note.... I ended up only needing to replace the bearing and plasitc retainer at the bottom of the steering column and tighten the bolts on the shaft to take the play out from the steering wheel to the steering box, so I would recommend checking that before replacing the shaft. The $13 part was a lot cheaper. LOL


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