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LTB 1992 jeep wrangler

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Looking for buy a 1992 jeep wrangler, 4 cyl 5 speed
Anything to be carefull to check out before buying!!!

Thanks in advance
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Frame rust, that 4wd works check for leaks. If its a manual check that it shifts into all the gears. The AX-5 isn't the strongest of trans.
Just make sure PO hasn't hacked the wires up in the engine bay and dash area. Check for all the original vacuum and emission stuff on themotor. Post a pic lets get a look at the new find.
Wiring and rust are my pet peeves on them. I would be much more willing to deal with an ax5 rebuild than fixing rust or hack job wiring. Which is why I paid a good amount for my YJ with a worn ax5 that will get rebuilt and a new clutch next year. But it has minimal rust and the only wiring mods are an aftermarket stereo.
Welcome! To test the 4wd (if you don't know...) put it in 4h and drive in a circle on pavement. The front tires should drag and chirp as they rotate and it will feel like your steering a tank lol
Thanks for the suggestions :) :) :)
Any reason your decision is so specific?
Does it HAVE to be a 92? I believe 91 and up all use MPFI

Are you stuck on the 2.5L for mileage concerns?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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