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Lubercation Points

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Does anyone have info on the chassis lube points on the TJ. I just did mine yesterday and discovered I have been skipping two that I hadn't noticed before. The aftermarket service manual I got doesn't point out all the locations. It's a '03 Rubicon if it matters.
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I don't have a list on where all the grease fittings are-seems like everytime someone gets under my 03 rubi they find more! LOL...but check your universals-if they have been replaced, they might have zirks on them or a 'flat cap' you have to unscrew and screw in a zirk, grease it, remove zirk and put cap back in. When I had replacements put in we put zirks on them-and when the axle started turning-it took the heads of the zirks right off. Oops...learned the hard way why the package had caps!
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