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This build takes it up to 11. We had a hard time finding anything else to add to the list, but its overall simplicity and effectiveness gives this JK the qualities of a true Rebelcon. We recommend extra napkins for this Jeep.

The parts list for this build is a bit staggering so grab a cold one and settle in.

Rebel Off Road built in-house front 4 link high clearance long arm system
Rebel Off Road built in-house rear reverse triangulated high clearance long arm system
Rebel Off Road Recon front bolt on 12" coilover conversion system with hydraulic bump stops
Rebel Off Road Recon rear bolt on 14" coilover conversion system with weld-in hydraulic bump stops
Currie Enterprises Antirock Front and Rear Sway Bar Systems

Currie Enterprises RockJock 60 front axle assembly
Currie Enterprises RockJock 70 full floater rear axle assembly
ARB front and rear lockers
JE Reel 1350 Heavy Duty CV driveshafts
Mopar Rubicon Transfer Case

PSC Ram assisted steering kit
Currie Enterprises Heavy Duty Tie Rod

Trail Ready HD Series Beadlocks w/slim ring
Custom powdercoating

Toyo Open Country M/T

Knuckles Off Road Front Bumper w/Grill Hoop
Knuckles Off Road Rear Bumper w/o Tire Carrier
Genright Off Road Steel Fenders
Genright Off Road Rocker Guards
Genright Off Road Corner Guards w/LED tail lights
Rock Hard 4x4 Oil Pan, Trans, and Catalytic Converter Skid Plate
Rock Hard 4x4 Transfer Case skid plate
Rock Hard 4x4 Fuel Tank skid plate
Poison Spyder Evap Skid plate

AFE Loop Delete Kit
Custom Magnaflow Catback

Rebel Off Road Restraint Brake System for Dana 60 and 70 axles

AEV Heat Reduction Hood with custom paint
Rugged Ridge Aluminum Hood Catches
Bedlined JK hard top and freedom panels

Magnuson Products Supercharger kit
Ripp Cold Air Intake kit
Superchips Flashpaq programmer

Corbeau LG1 Black Cloth racing front seats w/heater option
Trek Armor rear seat covers
Corbeau 5 point front camlock harnesses
Rock Hard 4x4 full JK sports cage w/custom powdercoat
Rock Hard 4x4 front seat harness bar w/custom powdercoat

Full upgraded stereo package with touchscreen navigation head unit
Rebel Off Road Race Radio chase package with Icom radio
Uniden CB Radio
sPOD Accessory switch management system
Genesis Dual Battery System

Rigid Industries 50" SR2 LED Bar
Rigid Industries 20" SR2 LED Bar
Rigid Industries D2 Amber Dust LED lights
Rigid Industries D2 Flush Mounted LED lights
Vision X Transporter LED lights
Truck-Lite LED Headlamps w/anti flicker harnesses
Poison Spyder JK 50" Light bar brackets - Steel

Knuckles Off Road Backing Plate
2 Rotopax 2 gallon fuel cans
2 Rotopax 2 gallon water cans
ARB 50qt Fridge/Freezer
ATO Fridge slide
ATO Locking Storage Drawer
ARB CKSA12 Compressor
Dominion Off Road Compressor mount

Here are some photos of the Rock Hard 4x4 Sports Cage and Corbeau LG1 seats and harnesses being installed to hold you over until the final build assembly is finished.


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MAMBA-CON continues..

The MAMBA-CON build continues at the Rebel Bunker.

At Rebel Off Road we like to ensure we're prepared for everything, so we made some additions that'll make our mothers / wives rest assured we'll be home for supper..

Knuckles Off Road Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2014 Backing Plate - This modular backing plate made from 1/4" steel will give us the ability to mount an array of Rotopax, CB/Radio Antennas, a Browning M2, some LEDs, and more.

Rotopax - We added two fuel cans, two water cans, two mount extensions, and two locking handles to prevent those illusive five finger discounters. You won't catch this Mamba-con stranded out on the trail dehydrated with an empty fuel cell.

Thanks to the Knuckles backing plate, we've got a solid platform to add some lights and antennas for our com devices..

Rigid Industries D2 Diffused, Pair these dust penetrating ambers will provide us with a whopping 3,096 lumens which is more than enough to let those trail riders behind you know you're there, or of course to tell that oblivious Prius behind you to turn off his high beams.

Icom F5021 Chase Package - Long Range VHF Radio which is a longe range, 128 channel radio that meets U.S Military Specifications for shock (MIL 810 F) and vibration (MIL 810 C, D, and E). How's that Gunny?

Uniden PRO520XL Compact Professional Mobile CB Radio - We also added one of our favorite 40 channel CB Radios made by Uniden because wheeling is much more fun when you can talk s**t to your buddies.

Next up we've got a must for those who like electronics!

Genesis JK Dual Battery Kit

If you don't know about this piece of genius, let me enlighten you..
This pre-wired dual battery system allows the operator to efficiently run a pair of Group 34 batteries in order to power a surplus of electrical goodies. This kit fits in the 3.6L, 3.8L, 5.7L Hemi, 6.4L Hemi , and the European diesel engines. Also featured are easily accessible power and ground bus bars making the connection of a flux capacitor a breeze. Don't worry Doc, we've got you covered!

How this system works:

When both batteries are fully charged at 13.2 volts, they are automatically connected and charged at the same time. When the vehicle's engine is off, but accessories such as lights, an air compressor, your electric leaf blower, your George Foreman grill, a stereo, etc. are left on, power will draw from both batteries. However when the main cranking battery dips to 12.7 volts, the smart isolator separates the batteries to ensure that your cranking battery has enough power to start the engine. The second battery will continue to power the accessories for however long you can make it last, so now you can blare Five Finger Death Punch from dusk til dawn. After the vehicle is cranked, the main battery will be charged to a full 13.2 volts first, and then the isolator will begin charging your accessory battery. Charging only one battery at a time will ensure that the alternator is protected from excessive strain.

If the cranking battery has somehow drained too low to start the vehicle, don't call AAA, hit the "Start Boost" button and you'll connect both batteries together for 1 minute, which acts like built-in jumper cables. If the combined voltage of the two batteries is at least 12.7 volts the vehicle can be successfully jump started so you can make it home. Sorry guys, now you'll need a new excuse to tell your lady why you're late. Don't worry, we've got one to add to your repertoire: "Sorry I'm late, it was so foggy, even the birds were walking!"

Back to business at the Rebel Bunker - stay tuned for more MAMBA-CON updates!

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Mamba-Con The Journey Continues

The MAMBA-CON journey continues at the Rebel Bunker..

At Rebel Off Road, we like Jeeps that can drive overwhatever obstacle stands in our way.

That's why we decided to outfit Mamba-Con with so much flexit makes Lou Ferrigno look like a Girl Scout. (please don't hurt us Lou)

For those who haven't had the pleasure of learning about ourLong Arm Suspension System here's a little info on how it all started..

It was a bone chilling winter's eve as General Bond, JamesDean, and our axle grinding mechanical wiz kid Sandy congregated to devise a JKsuspension system so mighty the world would never be the same. They remainedisolated in the Rebel Laboratory for nearly a moon phase surviving off meagerrations of used motor oil and raw sheet metal before they had a design solidenough to wear the Rebel badge. Now for the hard part, finding materials soundenough to withstand a beating so severe it'd fill Chris Brown with envy. Theyknew exactly what they would have to do, so they packed their bags and set offwith Samwise Gangee on a journey for Mordor. After crushing many an ork armywith the help of Aragon, Orlando Bloom, and that awesome axe wielding beardeddwarf guy they finally found a material that would suit their needs. The onlymaterial worthy enough was Elven Steel (Chromoly 4130 - made in America) which hastwo benefits, one being it's harder than Adamantium and two it glows when orksare present— that's a double win. They loaded up the Super Duty with all theElven Steel they could and headed to visit their buddies at Currie Enterprisesto grab some Johnny Joints. Johnny Joints in hand, they made the treacherousjourney down the hybrid laden 55/5 FWY back to the Rebel Bunker to start in onsome fabrication. After only a fortnight they had a prototype ready so theyloaded up the Sikorsky CH-54 and headed to the Proving Grounds. It wasn't longafter buckling into the newly outfitted JK and smoothly traversing the ruggedterrain in true Rebelcon fashion that they realized they had a game changer.With 12" of travel up front and 14" in the rear they had so much flexSandy nearly had a hernia. Needing the reassurance that the hydraulic bumpstops could handle some serious weight, they called Rosie O'Donnell. After atire deflating ride around her cul-de-sac they concluded the suspension systemcould handle weight of serious magnitude. And the rest is history..

Pretty sure that'show it went if I remember correctly.

Anyway, back toMamba-Con. Time for a little Jeep Porn..

Under this beast you might notice the following:

Currie Enterprises JK AntiRock Front Swaybar Kit with Aluminum Arms and Bracket
Rebel Off Road built in-house front 4 link high clearance long arm system
Rebel Off Road built in-house rear reverse triangulated high clearance long arm system
Rebel Off Road Recon front bolt on 12" coilover conversion system with ** hydraulic bump stops **
Rebel Off Road Recon rear bolt on 14" coilover conversion system with weld-in hydraulic bump stops

Damn that's more articulation than a conversation with a Harvard grad.

I know what you're thinking, and yeah that rear's almost as good as Jen Selter's.. almost.. if you don't know who that is then by God utilize the Google fu and thank me later..
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