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OK so I have a manifold leaking on the drivers side , been that way for about 2 years now , it only leaks when it starts up and soon as it heats up you cant hear it due to expansion, looks as if the factory ones have a defect and I really wanna start building on this thing so i want to replace it with one that isnt going to crack again , what options due I have , i WOULD LIKE TO FIND THE CHEAPEST REPLACEMENT BUT YET ONE THAT WILL LAST , WHAT DO YOU THINK ?

2ND ISSUE , I have a popping sound when you go from reverse to drive and hit gas pedal usually when turning out of backing up and going forward, it does it just at take of like once. Its been doing this for a long time literally maybe 2 years , seems a little louder now , what do you think ?

I've been kinda lazy on the jeep and got a little behind on these issues, Im ready to build her now and play a little since we paid it off last year
. Any help would be greatly appreciated , thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts