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Manifold sensor

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I was having problems with my 89 yj and was checking the sensors and found some sort of sensor under the intake manifold.I have the 4.2 6 and there is a flat plate under the intake with 3 srews, i took the screws out and there is a piece with several fingers on it and a wire to give it power anyone have a clue.
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I believe that is the manifold heater. I really don't have a clue why it is there. What problems are you having? A few of us here have had the same problems I'm sure.

I installed a weber carb to get rid of the junk factory one and all was well for three months. The jeep ran great all I did was bolt the carb on and go and like I said it ran like new. Then two weeks ago on my way to work it started looseingpowerand spitting and sputtering., I thought the wires were wet and left the hood open all day, on the way home it was fine for about five minutes and it started doing the same thing again.
Did you get gas from a different station lately? Maybe you got some bad gas.
tried that

I tried a can of dry gas and I also drained the tank had no water in it. I thought the same thing. I can't figure it out though I went to work on it today and it fired right up and ran great.
I'd check the carb and make sure it's still fastened tight.
Fuel filter maybe? something could have bee blocking it and settled back into the tank when you drained it??
Thank Guys

Thanks for all the help, I did change the fuel filter, the oxygen sensor and completly removed the carb and adapter plates and retightened them. I don't know what it was but it is still running great (knock on wood) now.Must be a jeep thing:)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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