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manifold solutions?

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What are the most common increases in reliability for the exhaust manifold over the ever failing OE part?
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I've read many times Borla has fitment issues. One of my friends went with the Banks. I can't remember what vendor he got it from but he paid around $390 and after seeing first hand the minimal gains I personally can't see spending that much. For amusement while I was at a local parts store I asked if they carry them. I was presented with one that looks similair to others I've seen on the net with flex joints welded on 1 and 6 runners. They offered a 1yr warranty with it at the price of $190 which included both gaskets. Has anyone ran anything similair? I'm trying to stay away from spending what a Borla or Banks cost because my WJ cost me a $1500 in repairs just last week.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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