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manifold solutions?

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What are the most common increases in reliability for the exhaust manifold over the ever failing OE part?
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Take a look at this place. 119.00 bucks shipped to your door. Looks to be the same as an OEM from a 2000 or newer. And I haven't heard anyone complaining about these.
jeepmutt said:
Buy headers. Stock exhaust manifold on the TJ, although similar in design to headers, is notorious for falling apart. Why do it to yourself again? I put plain black headers on ... Hedman maybe, Borla ... I can't remember. It's a PIA and took me 5 hours but it isn't difficult. I drive my Jeep, not show it, so I saved $ and went plain black. For the intake, I cut the tube from the air filter box, put a K&N on it, free breathing now.
There's always a rather large debate about this issue of manifold vs. header. After 2000 models I haven't heard any issues with the OEM manifolds falling apart. Now the 91-99 4.0 headers are junk I will give you that. I currently have a busted manifold on my 99. But I am going with the stock replacement for 120 bucks. I haven't found much info that says the performance gains from a 120 dollar unit to a 350 dollar unit are worth the added cost.

I would be interested to know some of the other folks take on this?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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