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When you do your exhaust sys. upgrades are the parts your putting on flanged like the OEM pipes or are we cutting that off?
My NV3550 needs new syncros, aftermarket or dealer?
Can I put a taller 5th gear in at rebuild for a better OD on highway?
I have factory soft top needs new rear window after market or dealer?
Concerning coil spring popping out on trail flexing, are BB realy reliable or should full spring be first choise?
If you dont lengthen bump stops with lift wont that increase flex?

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i can help on a couple of those, but a couple are out of my league....
my entire system was welded, so i ended up having to cut and pull everything off.
soft top- do some shopping around, but i would bet that you can get a rear window cheaper after market than from the dealer.
I run a BB with no sway bar or front disconnects and have had it at full flex and have never had a problem with a spring popping out. but if you dont lengthen the bumpstops, you run the risk of over compressing the springs.

hope that helps a will have to wait for the more hardcore techies to answer the other q's
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