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so, i just received my new compressor today and i didn't even use it before i started modding it. :D

as you can see, the very first thing i did with it was to port the head.

i used a dremel to enlarge/smooth the intake ports (the casting was HORRIBLE from the factory) and enlarged the exhaust port with a drill bit.

i then aired up my 37x12.50 r17 from 18psi to 28psi in about 3 minutes.

im wondering if anyone knows how long it takes their stock MF-1050 to air up a 37 so i can get a comparison for how effective the porting was. (i know, i should have done that first)

i have to say though, this thing beats the CRAP out of the other one i just returned. i think it took about 30-40 minutes to air up at tin teepee on sunday with that stupid thing! so far, im VERY pleased with this air compressor!
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