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If you want a normal run where people will be properly equipped for the trail, there is another thread on the California forum for a Matino Wash run on 4/12, although I think they are full.

This is an exploratory mission not a normal run.

The plan for this run is:

-Show up on 4/11 at 11am, at the beginning of Matino wash, here:'/@34.275367,-116.662717,4247m/data=!3m1!1e3

-Hike along the trail, examining obstacles, planning and discussing ways to approach them.

-For those that wish, attempting the obstacles.

-Some may want to turn back or not attempt the obstacles. This may happen right at the beginning or miles in. Thats okay. I've never been there so I don't know what to expect. So just consider this run a "meeting" of people who would like to take a look at Matino wash but not necessarily attempt it, or not the whole thing.

This takes place in the beautiful California countryside surrounded by zillions of other trails so I'm sure we can find another trail to do if Matino wash doesn't work out. I'll have a backup plan ready before trail day. Suggestions welcome.

The goals of this "run" are:

-See what Matino wash looks like up close as far as difficulty.

-Practice examining difficult terrain before driving on it, and experience how your vehicle behaves on terrain you have examined and whether it does what you expect or not.

-Learning how to coordinate a plan with a spotter and then execute it as a team.

-Determine what upgrades your Jeep needs by examining the pattern of dents it collects after an "attempt".

-Observe how other vehicles with various upgrades and modifications respond compared to yours over similar terrain.

I will bring a pair of walkie talkies for use while spotting. But everyone should have a CB.

Its likely other Jeeps will be on this trail so that may interfere with this plan or enhance it. Expect the unexpected. Meet new people and at the very least have an interesting hike!

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And once you get into the trail there is no getting out. Either you go to the end or you go back over everything you just crawled over. I doubt your going to get in there and take bypasses. Most of it is just the trail down a ravine. The bypasses are the extra credits. But you could sure hike it easy enough.
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