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maybe rearend?

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I just bought a 94 yj , first issue was sputtering when just barely accelerating , thanks to reading posts here I replaced the tps and that problem is history , now for new problem and I cant find anything in here for it. my jeep is all stock and not lifted. when I accelerate hard from a stop I get a vibration that feels like it is coming from the rearend , but only lasts for a second then goes away , theres no other time I feel the vibration only during hard accelation from a stop , and only for a few seconds. any thoughts ? also this is my first jeep and so far love it. thanks for your time.
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Yup. U joints!! Fix them before they explode, taking a yoke or t case with in the process.
thanks guys , will check that today , will let you know what I find..
In addition to the u-joints, check the bolts on your transmission mounts. If you have the automatic, there is a stabilizer bolt that has two rubber bushings. The bolt is right next to the two main trans mount bolts on the skid plate (driver side of center). The rubber bushings get old and fall apart, once one (or both) are missing, the trans will rotate under load and vibrate like all hell on acceleration. It may be loose as well. Mine was missing all together, one i replaced it, smoooooth acceleration...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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