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So I installed these simple yet I think will be quite effective litte brackets.

I was hoping for something a little different, but all in all I think that they will work.

The instructions are simple and straight forward. Although I have a simple suggestion in assisting with this install and anyone that maybe taking it on.

I would bypass using the supplied bolts to remove the factory welded in nuts. Just jump straight to a rugged screw driver, place it inside the welded in nut and just start prying in a circular motion. This was much easier then trying to work a bolt threaded into the screw around.

Anyways, we will see how well this help with holding my 35" MTR Kevlar. I also decided against the spacer and I am letting the tire rest again the ABS rear bumper shell. I feel that this will give the bottom of the tire a little more support and help with the bouncing.
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