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Hi NH folks,

My dad has an '87 Wrangler he bought new way back when, and I'd say in the last five years he's had major issues all based around the carburetor (surprise, right)? I live about 300 miles away and was not quite aware of how frustrating this was for him. About 40K miles ago he had the Carter replaced by the local mechanic, who put in a Holley. He's had the local mechanic and the local dealer (been around for decades) try to fine-tune it, but neither one can. He has killed a battery because of the hard starts. I'm pushing him toward replacing it again, but with a Motorcraft 2150 with the TFI update and if that doesn't work, doing the nutter mod.

He's game, but he wants his guy (the one who put in the Holley) to do it because he doesn't want to bother me. I'm trying to convince him I'll come up and help him do this, but he would rather pay someone to do it. So I'm looking for someone who knows Jeeps and who will do this right rather than his regular mechanic. Dad is in the Sunapee area but has no problem traveling a bit to drop it off I'm sure.

He's been great to me over the years, and if this is one thing I can help him with - to just have a Jeep he can go out and not have to spend 15 minutes trying to start the thing every time he needs it, it would be fantastic.

Any recommendations? I'd say a 45 minute drive from the Sunapee area would be fine.

Thanks everyone.
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