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Just got an email that Metal Cloak will have one of their jks at Searchers 4wd outside of Baton Rouge this afternoon around 4:30 to show off their products. Email:
Hello Rock-Biting Jeepers!

I am heading back across our Great Country from Jeep Beach at Daytona Beach to our home in Northern California. Along the way I will be stopping at a couple Authorized Installers.... today, Monday April 28, I will be stopping at Searchers 4WD just outside of Baton Rouge, LA. I should be there about 4:30.
I'm bringing Cloak3 and the CTI trailer so come on out and check the suspension on your rig. And take a ride in Cloak3.
On Tuesday I'm stopping at Jones Jeep in Marble Falls, Texas. Now, they are moving so their current shop is closed and this meet and greet will be at another location. Please check Facebook Tuesday morning for the location. Jones Jeep plans on having a good ol Texas BBQ from 4:00 - 7:00.

I am truly excited by the opportunity to meet many of you!

We'll see you soon!
Matson "Matsonian" Breakey
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