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I'm really hoping someone out there can help me troubleshoot an odd noise on my Jeep. It's a 2013 Wrangler with 51k miles, automatic transmission. I purchased it about a month ago. Mostly stock components. Here are the details:

- The noise sounds like a metallic ringing or high-pitch vibration.
- It only occurs when the Jeep is moving and while the engine is under load... such as right before the transmission downshifts (most of the time around 35-40 mph). This leads me to think it happens at a specific vibration/frequency of the engine.
- Goes away instantly if I either let off the gas or if I hit the gas.
- The noise is usually short lived and constant in pitch.
- On a volume scale from 1 -10, volume is usually around a 3 or 4.
- It sounds as if the noise is coming from behind the dash, closer to the passenger side.
- Happens with AC on or off.

I've taken it to the dealer and of course the tech couldn't hear it. I took it to a friend who is a mechanic and he actually heard it but couldn't figure it out. I'm pretty sure it isn't an air/vacuum issue since it only happens when moving and not at idle and since the pitch never changes. I have read about throttle body spacers causing a whistling sound, but I don't have such a spacer. More research online pointed to a couple of metal pipes behind the glove box that can often vibrate or resonate and create such a sound, so I put a spacer between them... still hear the sound, so it isn't that either. I've run out of ideas with this one and would GREATLY appreciate any help/suggestions anyone out there can offer.


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