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Lucky11202 said:
What is everyones opinion on this? Checking the forsale, craigslist ads, used car websites, I've been finding a lot of Wranglers (97-00) with some high mileage. The reason I ask is I've been doing crazy amount of research into buying my first Wrangler but 90% of the time the OD reads upwards of 150,000+. I know it's crazy to think I will find a TJ with 60K for $5K I am not looking for a steal. I'm just seeing if I should even pursue something with, in my opinion, high mileage reading.

Example: I am eyeing a 98' Sahara 4.0L 5 Speed but it has 170,000 miles on it. Another one I saw a 97 $.0L 5 speed with 180,000 miles.

Maybe I am just missing out and all you lovely Wrangler owners just never want to stop driving it! I just would hate to have it for 6 months and the damn thing craps out on me. I know the best way to tell is by looking at it in person just trying to save myself a trip.

Thanks in advance! :)
I bought mine with 67k for 8000. Normally in my area it would cost 8500-10,000 in pretty good shape. I have a 2000 sport
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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