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Sometimes high mileage means nothing. The wife's 01 Cherokee Sport has 130k on it; it still looks and runs like new, and it has been extremely well maintained with synthetics and only OEM parts.
second that...
the jeep 4.0 is one of the greatest engines of all time for durability. Mileage should be much less of a concern than say frame or body corrosion. And, should you find a TJ in great condition with hi miles, if you get it for a good price then you can always drop the < $2000 for a new crate motor when/if you need it.

BTW, I got my 02 TJ-X with 65k for less than $11,000 4 mos ago from a dealership, with a lifetime drivetrain warranty. And that was after I beat them up on my trade in. I ended up getting almost 4k more than I owed on my Ridgeline. So I ended up getting it for less than $7k out of pocket.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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