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A year ago I noticed intermittent hesitation while highway driving with no codes. I would floor the gas pedal with little responsiveness. It would be very intermittent. Otherwise the TJ would drive fine. I attributed this to a possible Vac leak that I could never track down and, since minimal, was low on priority.

Recently the Jeep started giving me codes P0420 and/or P0432 intermittently. Reading through forums, I felt the Cats were going bad. The codes were still intermittent only and the hesitation minimal (perhaps some worsening). Then I got code P0301. Again, after reading through forums, I felt this could still be Cat related. The TJ started getting very hot around the stick shift area. At 145 k miles and the mentioned issues, I decided to purchase the Walker mini cat assembly from RockAuto. I took it to my local muffler shop and they installed along with a new Magnaflow muffler. It is sounding and driving great now. No codes in the last couple of days. Only time will tell, but I think I may have resolved my P0301 misfire cylinder 1 issue. I do plan on inspecting and replacing the spark plugs just to be safe, but I had replaced them 7 months ago.

Thank you Jeep Forum for helping less experienced Jeepers trouble shoot and making informed decisions!
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