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Misfire counter always the same when scanner is attached.

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Mis fire counter always ready same number of misfires. All 6 cylinders reading same misfire numbers. Jumps from 15 then to 240 and repeats cycle. Seems to be an infinite loop. New motor, all new sensors. New ignition system. No codes. 97 4.0 wrangler sport. Has done this since the day we got it.
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What sort of scan tool are you using?

Does the engine feel as though it is misfiring?

Can you read the monitors and see if the misfire monitor has passed or failed?
Snap-on solus pro. Everything passes system test. I've tried resetting the learn all adaptives and the pcm several times. Doesn't seem to have a Mis but seems to idle a little rough. Seems as tho the cam and crank sensors aren't syncing. Like I said it's all new. Was doing this before also just a lot worse.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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