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Bought a brand new never been opened Sun Rider soft top from a local jeep guy off of Craig's list.

This was all bundled up, never opened, and he never put it onto his jeep. He was at one point, but him and his wife decided not to. I bought and realized it was missing the 3 windows. The guy I bought it from contacted the local dealership where he purchased it, and through some squabble he got the windows (he bought this about 4 years back). He had never opened it, so he didn't know they weren't there.

This weekend I was installing the top, and we noted there were large gaps and it wasn't sealing up properly. Through conversations I'm missing:

"Back Door rail," "front door rail," both left and right "door surrounds," "tailgate mounts," (left & right) as-well as the long and short knobs to tighten down.

I have contacted the guy and we are trying to find these parts - for me to buy at the dealer (which I wouldn't as they mark up too much) it's gonna cost me over $600.00 =(

Hoping someone might have these parts laying around?

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