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MJOC Neerim Nasty Weekend

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My Jeep club is holding their Neerim Nasty weekend in September and a few of went on a Recce last weekend we Split into 2 groups the other group went in search of tracks capable of being handled by relatively standard vehicles while Chris ,Dave & I went in search of something more challanging in the morning we found a couple of good hills and bog holes and rolled the frist bead off for the day after lunch where we picked up Goodie (our local guide ) he took us to Shit Scarred Hill which was aptly named very steep, off camber, greasy clay with a huge bog hole and creek crossing at the bottom. The next track took us about 10 1/2 hours to cover 4 miles we got back to the main track and cell phone reception around 12:30 am it would have looked really funny 3 blokes standing there holding their phones at arms length when we made the call to say we were on the way home.

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Looks like a blast! Would love to come wheel, but haven't been able to find the bridge to get over there with the Jeep!:doh:
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