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Since I saw someone bring up the idea of hitting Moab over UEA weekend, I thought I would share this here. This is a thread on RME:

OK in October 18-21 we are doing some fun trails. In talking with the Feature editor of JP magazine they are interested in doing a photo shoot and story, if I can get some other cool rigs there. Since it is JP Magazine they want mostly Jeeps, not buggies with Jeep grills, but Jeeps in all their wonderful variety XJ, TJ, YJ, JK,CJ, Commando, J-10, J20 Kaiser, etc....... from nearly stock to built. THey want to make sure it is worth thier while to come out and do this photo op.

We will do Poision Spyder, Hells Revenge and something else, don't know what yet. So let me know who can come and put a picture of your rig here so I can pass them along.

We will bring our Frankenjeep the Zombie Killer and you BYOJ (brign your own Jeep). You can join us if you have other types of rigs but I can't promise that you will be in the Jeep Magazine.

IF they like they will come.
So, who's up for some magazine exposure? :D
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