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Just got some new tires and wheels yesterday. I was trying to save the money to buy some new ones, but my buddy was trading his cherokee in for a a car and had a set of 32X11.50 Maxxis Mudder Buckshots on some Pacer Streetlocks. I asked him how much he would sell them for and we ended up trading stright up!!! They look awesome (Black on Black). I actually like the 32's better than i thought. Still have alot of room with the budget boost. Now that i dont have to spend the money on those anymore I am fixin to get tan line-x throughout the inside, marine cd player with a splash guard (leave the top down in the rain too much!), and a new cb/pa.

When I was sitting here thinking about the stuff i have added on i realized that i am becoming a "true jeep owner". I bought my jeep 3 months ago and have paid $480.00 towards it, but i have spent over $1500.00 in modifications!!! This is exactly what i told myself i would not do, but once i started buying stuff for it i just couldnt stop!
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yeah, when we traded he said they were 33's and i didnt even think to check. when we got them changed and i got home i started lookin and realized that they were only 32's. i changed and saved it when i posted but i guess it didnt change it.
Nice job boss. Not everything has to be bought brand new to be good for your rig.

Hell I've had my jeep for 3 years now and I think I about even with the money I have paid on it and the money I have spent on it. :D Each figure seems to be going up each month. :D
Thats cool man, im in the same boat. I just ordered some 15x8 Black Steel rims and im getting a set of 33x12.50 Buckshots myself. Im still paying off the jeep and paying for the mods. Its an expensive habit, but its too fun.
I promised myself I wouldn't do anything heavy until I paid it off...but I'm already looking into lifts so I don't know how long that one's going to last.
take a look at the wheels and tires, just put some pics up on my webshots. click the link by my sig. let me know what you guys think. she has a long way to go, but off to a good start.

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looking good! now u just need to get some rocker guards and get rid of that step before a rock or tree truck does it for you! :D :D

and for future do have 10mb right now to upload directly to the server so you don't HAVE to use a secondary hosting solution. just fyi.
yeah, they are in the future plans but i think i am going to replace both bumpers with warn first. going for all the cosmetics first and when she is fully paid of i am gunna get into the mechanical and performance side of things.
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