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I recently decided to add a hood lock to my 2015 JKUR. I had a couple of reasons for doing this, but mostly to reduce hood flutter on the highway. I had read quite a few reviews and comments about other products, namely Bolt, and decided to go with Mopar, especially since it is factory installed on export models.

I ordered 82213051AB and of course received 82213051AC. No worries, I anticipated that and had read up on how to key the cylinder to my ignition key. I had also read that I would need a rivet tool to set 1/4" stainless rivets so I purchased one at Harbor Freight ($14.95 with coupon, worth every penny).

Keying the cylinder was really pretty easy. There are 4 different heights of cuts on the ignition key and Mopar gives you 4 different wafer sizes conveniently numbered in separate numbered bags. There is also a bag of springs (tiny!) and a bag of stainless steel rivets and a bag of plastic push rivets for your grill. They also give you extras of all the wafer sizes and springs. I test fit the wafers, guessing at which wafer would correspond with my key, and got all but two correct on the first pass. By inserting the key, you can see which wafers are incorrect because they protrude above the lock cylinder. After making corrections and testing, I pulled the wafers one at a time and replaced them adding the spring. The rest of the assembly process (inserting the keyed cylinder into the mechanism, assembling the lock body and riveting it together) was real straight forward. As a matter of fact, typing this has taken longer than the assembly.

Once assembled and riveted together, you move to the Jeep. Remove the grill and the lock assembly fits perfectly directly below the hood safety latch. There are holes already there, pop in 4 rivets and you are done. Replace the grill and you have a locking hood.

Final observations. This lock assembly is built like a tank. The designers put a steel lip in the back to prevent tampering with the lock bar from behind. It is all steel, with the exception of the rubber cover that snaps in place over the key hole to protect the cylinder from debris. Powder coat is really thick and well done. It is a bit more expensive than the alternatives but the quality justifies it. My hood flutter is also greatly reduced so :iamhappy:
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