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Just installed Mopar 82215382AB. Installation took awhile but it all goes in better than the not-so-good instructions. There were two quality issues, but both can be corrected.
First, the connector at the JL front bumper for the umbilical from the tow vehicle is crap. The pins on the JL harness are not installed in the connector (so the wiring can be routed through openings smaller than the connector. However the pins are so tiny and fragile that three of the six pins broke trying to insert them into the connector. Scrap the Mopar proprietary connector and get a generic trailer 6-pin connector, or better yet a waterproof flat six pin connector from Amazon. Get two sets, so one of the females can be used as a dummy (no, the female CONNECTOR is the dummy) to protect the male plug on the JL. You will need to replace the female on the umbilical as well. A little bit of soldering and heat shrink and that is good-to-go. (for now, just match the colors through the connector - see the next item).
Second, the wire colors are the same as commonly used for trailer wiring, and the 7-way plug is wired as per standard wire code. The wire colors continue basically unchanged all the way to the back of the Jeep. So everything seems ok (except you are thinking all along "how is this gonna work with no yellow wire for left turn signal?). Well, it doesn't. After mapping out what actually happens when testing each function, I determined the REAL function of the wire colors in the JL Wiring Harness:
Black is used for Aux 12-volt (this is standard)
Red is used for Left Turn (standard for LT is Yellow)
Green is used for Tail Light (standard for TL is Brown)
Brown is used for Right Turn (standard for RT is Green)
Blue is used for Brake (this is standard)
White is used for Ground (this is standard)
So at this point you have to go into the 7-way plug on the umbilical and swap brown and green, remove the yellow and move the red from the center back-up pin to where the yellow was.
NOW plug in and go play (probably three days after you started this project):beerme:.
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