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Mopar Lift Kit info

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Saw this in my email today.


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Interesting. Would this be warrantied from Jeep now if a dealer does the install? I wouldn't mind a 2" kit but don't want new tires. Can I run a 2" lift with stockers and not look ridiculous? I'm thinking my charcoal moabs with 32" GY Silent Armors.
It would be warrantied by the dealer not Jeep. Mopar anything is rebadged from another manufacturer.
Is that not what I've been saying?
I like the lawyers' Note addition: "Lift kits are intended to be used for off-road driving only."
Lift kits are intended to be used for off-road driving only.
They put that in there to make them 50 state legal since different states have different lift laws.
1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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