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Mopar Lift Kit info

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Saw this in my email today.


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Glad to see they are changing up their lift offerings. The 2" Mopar lift I got with my 2010 was terrible...I ended up ripping it all out and installing an AEV 3.5' which was a huge improvement.
Just to pipe in on the warranty issue: I had the 2" Mopar lift when I purchased the 2010 JKU off the dealer's lot. I asked about the warranty and he showed me a policy letter from Chrysler HQ stating that while they don't warranty the parts (the lift manufacturer does), the installation of Mopar performance parts, including the lifts, would not automatically red flag the vehicle. I no longer have the lift, and can't find the letter, but perhaps Pat or one of the dealers participating on this board could produce it.
But that's different than being legally obligated to provide coverage.
True, but I love to see a trial where a Chrysler rep was refusing to pay damages when their factory manufactured part purchased from and installed by one of their authorized dealers onto one of their vehicles failed. In fact, I'd love to argue for the plaintiff on that one.

Here's the whole back of the mopar parts catalog stating all of the warranties.
No, what I was referring to was a memo put out by Chrysler directly addressing the lift warranty question. Perhaps you can ask around as I know it exists as I saw it with my own eyes.
Unfortunately, this thread has turned fallen away from what I would be really interested in knowing which is precisely what Renaissance_Redneck asked. Does anyone have real world experience and can provide insight to those of us learning about lift kits as to how the Mopar kits stands up to/compares to a TF kit for example(since that seems to be one of the more popular kits on these forums)?
Sorry, this is not the first time a Mopar lift question was derailed by warranty claims. To answer your question, I found the 2" Mopar lift way too stiff on my 2010 JKUR. It actually prematurely wore out a good set of tires. I had it removed and had an AEV lift installed. Night and day improvement both on and off road. I did keep the Bilsteins however, and had them installed on my son's 2dr JK with an AEV 2" spacer lift. The rest of the Mopar parts were tossed, so for me it was a big waste of money.
1 - 4 of 62 Posts
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