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Mopar Lift Kit info

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Saw this in my email today.


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Saw this in my email today.
Interesting. Thanks. I'm researching lifts right now; I'm very uneducated regarding the JK suspensions, or any suspensions for that matter.

I'm wondering how these Mopar kits would compare to similar TeraFlex or Rock Krawler kits. I see that TeraFlex assisted in developing some of the Mopar kits.
Can I run a 2" lift with stockers and not look ridiculous?
I have the same question. In my opinion, my stock JKU ALREADY looks ridiculous, as low as it sits, and I feel that it NEEDS a lift to look better, even with the stock tires/wheels.
Heres my mopar 2" lift with stock 32". Looks pretty good in my opinion.

Indeed. It looks great.
1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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