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Mopar Lift Kit info

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Saw this in my email today.


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I have a 4 inch mopar lift. iT is actually a rubicon express 4.5 inch long arm kit it's got mopar and rubicon express badging all over it I love the lift so far rides great have'nt got it in any extreme offroad situations yet. the winter hit to soon. and yes it is warranted by my dealer.
It's a little ambiguous, but it sounds like your training is carefully crafted double speak.

Performance parts--like lifts--come with no useful warranty. At most, the parts themselves are warrantied against defects and your dealer warranties the labor. The same would be true regarding any manufacturer and parts installer, such as a reputable 4x4 shop. Nobody--and I mean nobody--warranties the impact of the lift on the jeep.

Thus, 4" mopar dealer installed lift cooks your driveshaft? Too bad. 37" dealer installed tires warp your ball joints? Tough. I've heard of folks getting those items repaired "under warranty" (like Green Machine and his 3 driveshafts), but it's done with a wink and a nod from a cool guy in the service department, and has nothing to do with the damage actually being "under warranty."

There is no upside whatsoever to getting a Mopar lift installed by a dealer.
the upside was lift ,35 inch tires,1.5 spacers,aftermarket drive shafts front and rear, and and tunner, installed at 0% interist when i bought the jeep.:)
1 - 2 of 62 Posts
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