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Mopar Lift Kit info

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Saw this in my email today.


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It's a little ambiguous, but it sounds like your training is carefully crafted double speak.
That's because this is a pattern for everything you get told at a dealer.

Thus, 4" mopar dealer installed lift cooks your driveshaft? Too bad. 37" dealer installed tires warp your ball joints? Tough. I've heard of folks getting those items repaired "under warranty" (like Green Machine and his 3 driveshafts), but it's done with a wink and a nod from a cool guy in the service department, and has nothing to do with the damage actually being "under warranty."
This brings an interesting spin when the dealer has installed all of that on their own initiative, often before the consumer has even thought about buying a vehicle. IIRC, the warranty specifically states that only items that were installed at the factory are covered as opposed to items installed at delivery. I guarantee you that any dealer selling a Jeep that they have installed a bunch of accesories on will tell any prospective buyer that the factory warranty will remain fully intact. Imagine the new owner's surprise when they take their brand new Jeep truck (a dealer performed JK8 conversion) on a road trip and need warranty service for something related to the work done only to find that the dealer they are visiting 1000 miles from home has no obligation at all to fix their problem. Their dealer told them they were covered, but in reality they don't have much left other than the powertrain warranty. Nearly everything else has been modified in the course of the JK8 convesion, lift, wheels/tires, bumpers, etc. and they are left with a $60k vehicle that leaves them on the hook for nearly any warranty repair they might have. But the dealer got the sale! :thumb:

There is no upside whatsoever to getting a Mopar lift installed by a dealer.
Agreed. For that matter, I'm not sure there is an upside to a Mopar lift at all, but I will say the offerings in the info Pat posted look much more appealing to me than any of the Mopar offerings did last year at this time.

Edited for clarity. I do it all the time, particularly where--as here--the replies I get leave me wondering if the person read what I thought I said.
We all do this, yet the fact that a post was edited always seems to be taken as an attempt to dodge something in it.

My issue is that dealers suggesting that Mopar lifts installed by them are the only way to "keep your warranty" are a major pet peeve of mine. It's false, and is nothing but a ploy to convince consumers to buy wildly overpriced lifts and installs.

Go back and read what your training taught you to say. I had to read it a few times myself. It really says: Parts and install. That's it. If a shock leaks because it's defective, we'll replace it at no charge. If our tech didn't tighten all the bolts, we'll do it at no charge.
Important things in bold above. Most dealers will tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy a vehicle. They know that they won't and/or can't be held responsible for it later because they are not authorized to obligate the manufacturer to the things they are saying. The worst that can happen is that they put it in writing and then you may be able to sue the individual who was foolish enough to sign their name to it for reimbursement on any repairs needed. What they say doesn't mean a thing. If you take them to court over it I suspect their defense would be to say that you misunderstood and there will be no way to counter that argment because what you were guaranteed isn't in writing.
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After reading this old thread, I asked my boss for some literature that states getting a mopar lift kit installed at the dealership will absolutely allow you to maintain your factory warranty. If anybody needs this, I do have it available to email. Yes, I work for Koons Jeep, and I am in sales. However, if it's writing...I'm sure you'd be safe.
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