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I bought a 2-door 2015 Jeep Wrangler in October 2014 with full doors (only available models at my dealership), ordered half-doors and got them installed 2 weeks ago.

I relocated the door mirrors onto the windshield so that I can take the doors off and keep being legal (Florida State law), but the passenger extension bracket is too short for me to even see the mirror when the Mopar plastic window is on the passenger door, and it is already a bit difficult to see when the window if off...

Anyone know where I could get extensions for the MOPAR Steel Mirror Relocation Brackets so that they come off the windshield a couple inches more (1 to 2 inches should suffice).

I did a search on this forum to no luck, still looking.

And I'm not good with my hands so building extensions from scratch is not in the picture for me...!

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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