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Moron when it comes to tire sizes

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I am a moron when it comes to tires and figuring out the sizes. I have read the explanations on the numbers but for some reason it just doesn't register with me.

I am currently running 285/70/17 on a 15 JKUS with 3.73 gears, Terafelx leveling kit and 1.5 inch spacers.

I am getting ready for new tires and would like to go a little bigger but not sure how big I can go. Can someone much smarter than me offer some advice. I am thinking about Duratracs or Nitto TG2 AT in the following sizes. What are the differences and what would work with my set up?


Any help'/advice would be appreciated.
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Tire and Wheel size is personal preference. Just search google for forums with the wheel/tire combo you are looking to go to and you will see tons of pictures to compare. Personally I went with 35s on 17" rims and a 3" lift and it looks great on my 2 door JKU. I made my decision after scouring jeep forums for hours to get the best combination of aesthetics and off-road performance without having to make a ridiculous amount of modifications. Generally, once you go past a 35 inch tire to say a 37, you need to get some extra work done under the hood/undercarriage to make it work.

Good Luck!
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