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Yesterday I ordered the Teraflex Sport S/T3 Lift with the Fox reservoir shocks. Today I noticed that the order was still only pending so I called them to see if there was an issue. I had put the order for pick-up at their facility since Im not far from them. Well they told me that the Fox shocks were on back order to Teraflex for at least 2 weeks. I told them that I didn't understand this as it showed in stock and they instantly switched me over to sales who took my number and asked me to let them work on it. They called me back in about 10-15 minutes and told me that they had switched my order to the lift without shocks from Tereflex and it would be at my house in 2-3 days and they had the shocks in stock and had set them aside for me, no extra money even though doing it separate was costlier. I thought was great of them to go above and beyond to do this. About an hour later they called me again to say that everything was confirmed and the shocks had been pulled and were waiting for me. This is how you take care of your customers!!

Way to go Morris 4X4!!!

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