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Most popular lift/shock setup on WF

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This is just one setup. I recommend it all the time and many run it. I figure making a thread to link to instead of typing will save a lot of time.

Lift kit

Teraflex 2.5" coil lift without shocks or extensions why in bold ? Because without shocks or extensions, the rear frame side TB bracket is replaced with the better axle side bracket.
TeraFlex - JK 2-Door 2.5” Lift Kit

TeraFlex - JKU 4-Door 2.5” Lift Kit
Every thing is here to get you started ie. Swaybar links, bump stops, brake line brackets, etc


Wait for it .........Rancho RS9000xl adjustable shocks. For the price can't be beat :thumb: Rancho RS999329 RS9000XL Series Front Shock Absorber for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK & Wrangler Unlimited JK with 3-3.5" Lift
Rancho RS999330 RS9000XL Series Rear Shock Absorbers for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK & Wrangler Unlimited JK with 3-3.5" Lift
Yes I know .. It says "4" of lift"
No worries .. The 29xl/30xl have a compressed length about 1" over stock (Rubi shocks)
You will have more than enough bumpstop to run these shocks. These shocks are just about perfect with a 2.5" lift

Edit 3/22/15 Rancho 5000x
I am adding Rancho 5000x shocks as a option. Cheap and the ride really well.
Rancho RS55329
Rancho RS55330

Caster correction
Any lift over 2" should have caster angle corrected. Low caster can create a flighty feel to the steering at speed.
Rancho New Geo brackets
Front lower control arms fixed or adjustable(choose brand)

2012+ only
If you're off roading with the swaybar disconnected. There's a good chance the front driveshaft might contact the exhaust crossover. Exhaust spacers move the crossover piping back adding clearance.

Recommended but not overly important.

Front Track bar (choose brand)
The rear is close to center with the bracket. A adjustable track bar will center up the front axle.

9/16 bolt kit
Why not ad some death wobble insurance. Heck .. All bolts should be loosened during install of the lift. A few extra minutes to swap in new bolts ... Why not :D

cool new option available

There you have it. Post up if you have or ordered this combo. Share any Likes/dislikes/other parts added.

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And here I thought I was being all cool putting together my own lift. Literally exactly what I run. I guess my jeep isn't that unique after all.

That being said, friends with other lifts comment on how well my jeep rides compared to theirs. Wouldn't trade my setup for anything.
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I have the spacers too. For the price, yes they are IMHO. Extra insurance for a small price. No ds contact issues for me so far.
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