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Most popular lift/shock setup on WF

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This is just one setup. I recommend it all the time and many run it. I figure making a thread to link to instead of typing will save a lot of time.

Lift kit

Teraflex 2.5" coil lift without shocks or extensions why in bold ? Because without shocks or extensions, the rear frame side TB bracket is replaced with the better axle side bracket.
TeraFlex - JK 2-Door 2.5” Lift Kit

TeraFlex - JKU 4-Door 2.5” Lift Kit
Every thing is here to get you started ie. Swaybar links, bump stops, brake line brackets, etc


Wait for it .........Rancho RS9000xl adjustable shocks. For the price can't be beat :thumb: Rancho RS999329 RS9000XL Series Front Shock Absorber for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK & Wrangler Unlimited JK with 3-3.5" Lift
Rancho RS999330 RS9000XL Series Rear Shock Absorbers for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK & Wrangler Unlimited JK with 3-3.5" Lift
Yes I know .. It says "4" of lift"
No worries .. The 29xl/30xl have a compressed length about 1" over stock (Rubi shocks)
You will have more than enough bumpstop to run these shocks. These shocks are just about perfect with a 2.5" lift

Edit 3/22/15 Rancho 5000x
I am adding Rancho 5000x shocks as a option. Cheap and the ride really well.
Rancho RS55329
Rancho RS55330

Caster correction
Any lift over 2" should have caster angle corrected. Low caster can create a flighty feel to the steering at speed.
Rancho New Geo brackets
Front lower control arms fixed or adjustable(choose brand)

2012+ only
If you're off roading with the swaybar disconnected. There's a good chance the front driveshaft might contact the exhaust crossover. Exhaust spacers move the crossover piping back adding clearance.

Recommended but not overly important.

Front Track bar (choose brand)
The rear is close to center with the bracket. A adjustable track bar will center up the front axle.

9/16 bolt kit
Why not ad some death wobble insurance. Heck .. All bolts should be loosened during install of the lift. A few extra minutes to swap in new bolts ... Why not :D

cool new option available

There you have it. Post up if you have or ordered this combo. Share any Likes/dislikes/other parts added.

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And here I thought I was being all cool putting together my own lift. Literally exactly what I run. I guess my jeep isn't that unique after all. That being said, friends with other lifts comment on how well my jeep rides compared to theirs. Wouldn't trade my setup for anything.
Haha .. Proof right here ^ :D
I agree, the TF 2.5 is probably the most often recommended set up on WF for people not trying to go extreme. The RS9000XL's are great and even then, there are other premium shocks like Fox if someone isn't sold on the Rancho's. The AEV and RE drop brackets do offer a little more adjustability although the Rancho are built the best. The new JKS front track bar is a stand out for me... Cant go wrong with the bolt kit. Solid choice.
This IS my lift. I also added the TF Monster Track bar. I love it. It will get you more than the advertised height BUT once you start adding heavy bumpers/winch and armor. It goes back to advertised height, I also did the "free" teraflex evap canister mod. Flexes nicely for my use. Granted I am not a weekly Moab rock crawler (someday I hope) but it has served me well. Ken should have stock in these companies. The parts all go in easy and there is plenty of assistance here on WF is someone gets stuck. It truly is a great lift and when done as stated the ride is very nice both on and off the trail.
Thanks man .. Helping folks is what I do :)
I am considering a 2.5" lift with 1.5" wheel spacers running my stock 17" wheels for which later on I would like 33" tires so i don't have to re-gear my 3.73s. Or worry about any drive shaft angles or track bar problems. Any suggestions? How about the Rancho 2" sport lift with 9000xl shocks?
The Rancho sport kit would work perfectly. There's a small rebate on it too.
Is there a similar RK kit with the triple rate springs which you would recommend in a similar "complete solution" package?
Yes.. Last year RK offered one coil for 2 and 4 door. The 1.5's became a popular option for 2 doors. This year the kits are labeled 2 door and 4 door. The 1.5's are 2 door 2.5's also.

I was never a fan of the 5100's. River city off road sells packaged kits including Rancho 9000's.
The Stock mod is more comparable with the kit in this thread. The stock mod does not include front lowers, which gives you the option to buy the correction brackets.
First of all I would like to say I'm loving the forum, I have owned a jeep of some kind since 1978 when I bought my new 79 CJ5, kept it until 1982 when I fell in love with the CJ-8 Scrambler which I bought with 6 miles on the odometer and which I still own (will most likely be buried in it) other Jeeps have come and gone, so I am not new to Jeep ownership but two weeks ago I purchased a 2015 JK rubicon unlimited Hard rock edition. Needless to say the suspension on the Rubicon is a total different critter than my CJ, so I have been trying to wade through all the different options and it is a bit over whelming, but I have settled on a lift of 2.5" since all I want to run is 35s on tire size. The Jeep will be more of a family off-roader seeing mild to moderate trails (I will save the hard core trails for the Scrambler). I am trying to take advantage of the forum's members experience (something I didn't have back when I bought my other Jeeps, since there was no internet, yes I come from a time of no computers,no internet and only three TV stations if you were lucky, any I had a few questions about the recommended setup. 1. When you say lower control arms (choose) do you mean adjustable control arms? 2. You suggest an adjustable front track bar, would it be advantageous to also purchase an adjustable rear track bar? 3. This is not related to the suspension but thought you could offer some insight. My Jeep came with the Rubicon 10th anniversary wheels which are very nice looking but are only 7.5" in width, would a 35X12.50 tire work on this wheel, I realize that I would have to use wheel spacers. Thank you for your help.
Welcome to the forum :)

Choose meaning a brand. You could run a adjustable or a fixed length lower for caster angle.
In bold I mentioned the rear axle side track bar Bracket. Besides roll center correction the axle is centered under the jeep. So no, you do not need a adjustable rear track bar.
A 12.5 will work but you might have issues having it mounted. Tire manufactures usually have a min wheel width and shops won't mount for liability reasons.
I have a question about cam correction bolts that some lift kits come with. Are they a good solution to correct caster? Are the correction brackets better?
They work but are not the preferred way to correct caster. The axle mount is ground open to allow for the offset bolt or plate. Switching over to brackets or arms requires welding up the mounts. There's always that chance one or both can loosen. Brackets are cheap .. $100 and provide both caster correction and a smoother ride.
Would you say the Geo brackets are still acceptable for moderate off roading? My jeep is my DD but I'd like to eventually have it out a couple times a month. Would you recommend new CAs once I start to get more serious? Would I remove the brackets if I went to new CAs? Functionality and longevity of the vehicle's components are more important to me than on road characteristics (I guess that's kind of a redundant statement beings I'm a wrangler owner haha)
Many people run them off road. I wouldn't worry too much.
You have the option to swap them out for arms or run together.
Thanks for the great information in this thread! As someone who is looking to lift their jeep this seems like the best bang for your buck. My jeep is mainly a DD with the occasional monthly offroading, are there any other recommendations for a lift? I see there are other Teraflex options out there, would you recommend any of those as well? I eventually want to put on 35's as well if that helps. I'm new to all this and want the best performance out of my jeep both on and off the road.
What is your budget ?
You could run front lower control arms instead of brackets.
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