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Motorcraft 2150/emissions issues?

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Hi all newbie here. Just picked up my first jeep wrangler (ive had a 98 cherokee for 12 yrs so this is somewhat new territory for me). Its a 1987 model, with the 4.2L. Its a true project and im swapping axles on it but in the meantime wanted to see if anyone could help with this area.

2 owners ago (at least), someone did the motorcraft 2150 conversion on it. In the process they pretty much cut most of the wires and vacuum lines, as well as filling the charcoal canister with antifreeze. Cant tell if the ECU is connected, and it appears to be a ford/motorcraft.

My concern is sadly (and stupidly) enough they brought back emissions in northern Colorado where i live 2 yrs ago, and I do not know if it has passed recently. Its just a tailpipe test, but still somewhat concerned after looking at the diagrams.

Anyone with this setup have any tips for getting in to point of passing? Im attaching some photos to help show whats there and whats not since im still trying to learn all of this.

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