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I'm moving to Fayetteville soon as I'm going to the university of Arkansas.

i have lots of family up in northwest Arkansas, and i hope to meet some people who i can wheel with.

As of the moment I haven't gotten an acceptance letter, but i have exceeded every requirement quite well, so no worries.

so do you guys know if any good wheeling area's close to the campus?
anyone attend the college?

I hope in a few months when i move up i can meet some of you guys!

see ya around :)

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Congrats! Does this mean you can start doing all the things that you want to do with that Jeep, or are you still on a tight leash?

Try this:
"Hey Dad, can I get $900 to buy some beer for everyone? No? Well then, how about 400 bucks for the Jeep?"

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so, as my sister who went to UofA (graduated last December) and my brother who is a freshmen at Tech now. my parents in some form or fashion give us a 350$ (workable lol) budget allowance a month, that's just free deposit in my bank account. i also will get a good meal plan from them for on campus eatss and stuffs. so i mean with responsible spending's, i can save easily with the job ill get, and can do whatever i want to the jeep.

so once i get out and up to the campus whenever i leave, with the money i save up (ill get a part time job somewhere doing something) i can do whatever i want.

of coarse ill loose the 4 car garage, and the endless tools. :(

though when my parents shipped my brother off when school started this year my father got him a really nice bag of tools, like a nice husky set w/ matching bag and all lol.

P.S. - talking to my brother over facebook last night, he told me he only spent like 200$ of his 350 the last two months, transfering the extra into a account of his own.

so i mean 200$ a month + job money. i could easily afford needed parts as long as i save properly :D

(he runns more on the pavement, 2003 mustang - sound system - 18" sexy looking wheels to match the stang look, dropped 1.5", flowmaster exhaust,Injen CAI, and few more smaller mods.)

he is a very mature kid tho, don't stick him in the "know it all" v6 mustang cocky little buggers. He never races on road, and he knows its a v6, he just got it from our parents and appreciated what they got him, he always did wanna S charge that puppy tho :p:p

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last time he came down i took the camaro SS to the dragway with him and we raced it verse his stang.

we each took turns in the camaro and stang.

he suprised me, he got that thing tuned quite well and it didn't do to bad verse the camaro.

no time slips atm but:

Camaro beat:

-v6 stang
-older camaro SS (stock as well)
- Turbo'd scion TC <lolz
- Turbo'd civic <lolz
- Mustang GT
- modd'ed Mustang GT
- older corrvette z06 (really close i got a great time, he ran bad)
Lost To
- GT3
- blown old old corvette
- BEAST 64' pickup
- yeah..... a FREAKING corrvette ZR1 from the dealership was there!!

Stang Beat:
- two v6 stangs
- the turbo'd TC
- cobalt
- integra
- RSX (the acrua or something)
Lost To:
idk lots, nothing special, stuff i lost too.... :D
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