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mud claw tires

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anyone used or herd good or bad things about them. 285-75-16's are $205

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its a private label tire made by cooper tires
I had a set of these on my 07 Chevy Avalanche, believe they were from Big O Tires. One thing I noticed right away was the hummm on the highway and when coming from 5mph to a stop you could feel the lugs. They were tough, 10 ply tread and 3 ply sidewall I think. Had them offroad in the New Mexico desert and they were good. Soft sand wasn't a problem, never got a chance in heavy/thick mud but light mud was nothing. Did notice minor chunking of the lugs when going over rocky terrain, I wasnt rock crawling or anything They did pick up small rocks in between the lugs though, and would fling some out at speed. If you dont mind the hummm slow speed vibration and cost (260ish) I think they would be a good tire.
thanks for the info. haveing them installed now on a 2004 gmc 4x4 for my son.
I just saw a promotion at NTB, buy 3 get one free. For the 33x12.5r15 it comes out to about $555 for 4 with free valve stems balance and mount just need to pay for an alignment.

Should I pull the trigger?
never herd of them! :rolleyes:
I know this is an old thread but looking at a set. How did they turn out?
I got the 32x11.5r15 an love them no vibs real smooth
Thanks I think I will be ordering next week.
Just got them last weekend. 285/70r17. So far I like them slight hum but less than I expected.


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ive had mine going now 15,000 miles still strong
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