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Multi Function Switch on 1998 TJ

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I recently purchased a used Jeep, a 1998 Wrangler Sport (4.0L, 5 SP) and am in the process of providing the TLC it seems to have been missing from previous owners. So, I'm sure y'all will get to know me.

After about 1,000 miles I've found no major problems that I've not been able to correct (knock on wood) except one, maybe two.

The turn signal will not reset itself. I am thinking that the Cancel Actuator tab on the Mutli Function Switch is broken. Question is "is it worth the effort to replace it". If I have to pull the steering wheel then I'll live with it.....maybe depends on what it takes.

The second is that the ignition switch does not give me a audio warning when leaving the key in the ignition. These are probably not related and I can live with it. I just mentioned it in case they might be related.

Thanks in advance for your help.