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Nice jeep. I wish I could find one like that reasonably priced.
There are unicorns, but it seems the other guy is the one that finds them.
What I find works best when hunting deals is drive around the countryside and look for abandoned vehicles in peoples yards. If you live in the city, driving the alleyways works too.
How you approach the owner means everything. I can't say how many times I've heard "I'm gonna fix it up someday". Years later it's rustier and the weeds are deeper. What I usually say when they say the "someday" thing is, "Here's my card, if you ever change your mind, I can afford to buy it. It's a magnetic card, stick it up on your refrigerator and let me know how much. I'll bring cash". I try to not give an offer until they're ready to sell. If I offer $100.00 and the next guy offers $110.00 I'm out of the picture.
Always be polite. If they're rude, just thank them for their time and leave. Each situation is different so it takes some experience dealing with folks. Just have enough cash to back up your offer.
There's a lot more but that's the basics.

Drive around the countryside and keep your eyes open. If nobody's home or if there's a locked gate, leave a note taped where they'll find it. If it's rainy, leave the note in a baggie.

Post any finds here with pics. We all like to see a good deal.

Good Luck, L.M.

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lucked out on this old gal ... was owned by a retired farmer who's right arm/hand got arthritic and struggled with shifting

and he maintained the rig quite nicely over the years --- got a good deal on it for about $6K

right on about being polite & respectful, helps if you can strike up bit of conversation (which shouldn't be too difficult with jeep fans!)
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