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As some of you know, I am a complete noob to jeeps. I have always loved them and always wanted one, now I finally have one.

It came with the hard top and soft top (soft top has seen better days). Also, came with both sets of doors.

The only thing that I see that was done to it was a set of wagon wheels and 29x9.5x15 tires but I plan to keep the build going on and like to keep track of it here.

Keep checking back for more!

I purchased it on 4/7/16:

Valve Cover Gasket
PCV Valve
Upper Radiator Hose

I replaced the old halogen instrument cluster and gauge lights with LEDs.

Painted the front bumper in Duplicolor Bed Armor (I plan to do the whole jeep like this)

Idler Pulley

Spike Lug Nuts for when I redo the rims (flat black)- the paint is chipping off of them horribly.

H4/9003 Headlight Conversion (Purchased)
Skyjacker M95 Silver Steering Stabilizer (Purchased)
Rugged Ridge Cab Cover (Purchased)
Pioneer 4x6 Speakers (Purchased)

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10/7/2016: The entire body was painted in the Duplicolor Bed Armor. I gotta say I absolutely love it. Not only is it durable, but it doesn't have the same texture as normal truck bed liner.

Just a picture at work with the hardtop on (which I plan to paint the same way or maybe just a satin black since it is textured)

11/15/16: Safe-T-Cap Driver Side front spring perch section was purchased and all the nasty rot was cut out and replaced. The passenger side front spring perch was also bandaged up (correctly). Like I said, the PO said the rust that was there was already fixed. Let me tell you, he was a complete bullshitter. Here are the pics of the rot being torched out and fresh fresh was put in lol.

Passenger Side:

Driver Side (The real bad side):

1/1/17: Desperately needed to replace the radiator (chunks of the fins were breaking and just falling out). It was not leaking though! Haha!

I believe that is all for now!
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