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After having my Jeep for 7 years, it was time to give it some upgrades. To help anyone who is interested in anything I have put on it, I will list each item and give a mini-review.

2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl

Lift: Mopar 4-Door - Stage 1 - 2 Inch Lift Kit with Fox Shocks - 77070088AD_FS
- Love it. Rides great, looks great and the wife and kid complain every time they have to get into it. Was worried it may not be tall enough for my liking and for my Duratrac's but was no problem


Tires: Goodyear Duratrac LT315-70R17
- Perfect tire so far. Look great, sound great and feel great.

Wheels: Pro Comp Rockwell Series 34 Wheel 17x8.5, 4.75 BS
- The wheels are the one thing I kept going back and forth on between many kinds. I settled in on these and couldn't be happier. Ended up being half the cost of the Fuels I was looking at.

Hood: Rubicon Anniversary Hood - 82213656AC
- Completely unnecessary expense but it really changed the look of the Jeep. Well worth the cost to me

Hood latches: JL Hood latches
- My old ones were eaten by squirrels so I replaced these with the new JL latches and like them much better. Well worth the upgrade.

Bumper: VDP 31555 Modular End Cap
- My bumper was damaged and I was going to order an expensive new upgrade. Instead I found a perfect used one on CL and decided to try these end caps to close the gap between the bumper and the fender that i always hated. Very cost effective look change and I am really happy staying with the factory bumper.

LED Headlights, fog lights: Quadratec Premium LED Projector Beam Headlights and fog lights
- You don't realize you need these until you get them installed and see what you have been missing. Also added the extra screw to the grill to allow side to side line up of the headlights. Well worth the $2.00 and time to install.

Rear brake light (aka The afterburner upgrade): some cheap thing on Amazon
- My giant tire upgrade hides the middle brake light so i added this. Looks cool and was only $30.


Stereo: Kenwood Excelon DMX906S including Kenwood Rear (Kenwood CMOS-230) and front (Kenwood DRV-N520) cameras.
- My base 130 Jeep radio was having issues and I wanted to replace with something with CarPlay and selected this unit. Fantastic upgrade to sound and visuals. Apple wireless CarPlay rocks. I can actually hear my music.
- Rear camera was a great addition. Front camera was an unnecessary addition but I figured why not go with the complete setup. Both work fantastic.

Soundbar speakers: Polk DB651
- I installed these back in 2013 when I first got my Jeep and have always liked them.

Subwoofer: Pioneer TS-SW2002D2
- I upgraded the Alpine woofer that was flubbing out. This pioneer has no flubbing and sounds very good. I won't say its an earth shattering upgrade. I probably should have went with a new amp and new sub box but for now, it works.

Phone holder: ProClipUSA Extra Wide Dash Mount and iPhone holder
- These guys make some of the best mounts I have found. I had one of their older models that wasn't nearly as wide and replaced with this. Love having my phone not cover the radio any longer.

Anyway, it's been an expensive month for me. But, it saved me from spending 55k on a new Jeep so all was well worth it. Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the pics!

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