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I figured I should start a build thread. Just about everything from the shackles down is new and improved.

RE 4” lift
Boomerang greasable shackles
4:56 gears (came in donor vehicle I bought)
New rear spider gears and Limited Slip clutch pack
New axle seals and bearings
New rear brakes
New rear Yoke
New steering stabilizers
New tie rods and ends
Recently rebuilt AX15 from donor vehicle
Axle housings cleaned and painted
Hardtop paint prepped (from donor)
Full doors paint prepped (from donor)
New door seals
New liftgate seals
New hardtop seals including side windows
New steering wheel
New 33” BFG KO2
New brake lines
New fan shroud
4.2 pulled (saving for later) 4.0 installed and ready for wiring
Brown Dog 1” lift motor mounts

To Do;
Install and wire in tank fuel pump (in the mail)
Replace fuel tank straps (in the mail)
Wire engine (hope to get started this week)
Build fenders front and rear (future project)
Build rear bumper/tire carrier (future project deciding on style)
Build front bumper (future project)
Build cage (future project)
Body work

I’ve done everything up to this point on my own. It’s turned into a much bigger project than I though it was going to be. Practically a restoration at this point. It’s been a fun and exciting project and by the time I’m done there won’t be a part on the Jeep that I haven’t worked on. Feeling good!


101 Posts
1 - 5 of 5 Posts