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More random in-between'ers.

31's, open diffs, Interlake

The first 'big' rebuild--axle swap, suspension, SYE, steering, t-case skid, gears, etc.

First time out on 35's

When I decided the Rokmen skid wasn't high enough

When I decided the hardtop made things sketchy

Redbird 09

Where an AntiRock and front locker are immediately noticeable

Where shitty anti-squat properties really suck--decided to fix that

'Standard' short arms allow for way too much WB change--decided to fix that

Time for some corners

Outboarded the shocks and straightened the coils

I like rocks

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Really getting tired of high anti-squat....

Around the corner to grandma's we go

I like being low....but I want more up travel, damnit.

It's a party in Indy

Made a skid

Flipped the tie rod


My arch-nemesis--the reason for suspension revision 1 and 2

Some trick evap work--bye bye canister, hello simplicity and no CEL

All clean

Rokmen skid plate--decided to say bye bye

Hello fuel cell

Novak cable shifter--DO IT

Up travel is good


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You havent said anything about those seats man.
Nobody asked. :)

They fawkin rock.
Post some pics, I would like to do something similar. Do you have a body lift/MML?
Yes to both. When raising the drivetrain that high, it's a lot tougher to do without either. You can clearly see the JKS body pucks in some of the pics.

The key is to keep the drivetrain as low as possible. I use a UCF low profile transmission mount and designed the skid to further lower everything down. I gained 4.5" at the belly but only raised the transfer case 3".


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Not a lot going on right now, just driving it. Was supposed to wheel yesterday but a funeral changed those plans. Next on the list is addressing the front axle bracketry. I'm hacking off the stock coil buckets/control arm mounts/shock mounts. I ordered some parts from Clayton to move my LCA mounts up flush with the tube (about 2.25" measured at the center of the bolt hole). In order to correct the geometry I'll be moving up the frame mount by about the same amount. So, the front will be ultra-high clearance similar to the rear. I've already beefed up the LCA frame mounts with 2" x 3/16" weld washers and trimmed off the excess.

Here's some pics of the headlight work I did a couple months back. I've had the Hella E-code housings (best housings available) for quite a while but I replaced the 55/60 bulbs with 70/65 OSRAM bulbs and built a beef harness to take care of the voltage drop with the stock harness.


Inline relays

Low beam

High beam
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