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It looks like the Pro Comp springs are linear rate. If that's so, have you found that linear attribute to be part of what makes this combo so good?

In the last 2 years, we have lifted 75 JL's... We started with the Mopar kit and through the spring bow fiasco and now around 10 other MFG's of lift kits tried, we have settled on a favorite.

Overall ride quality and geometry was most important. The last 20 or so builds have all been on this combo... Zero complaints. It just drives and rides like it is supposed to.

It's the Pro Comp K3111 lift. It gives around 3" on a Sport or Sahara and around 2" on a Rubicon. The spring rates are perfect and it includes the geometry correction brackets for perfect driving dynamics.

This lift comes without shocks... Why this one without shocks? Because the Fox IFP shocks for the JL are just so good.

The shocks for the 2-3" lift are perfect and this combo is VERY hard to beat. If you're building a hard core crawler out of your JL, choose something else... But if you want to make your JL simply better in every way, this is my choice.
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