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My first lift install and need help

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Yesterday I installed the rear portion of my Teraflex 2.5 in lift on my 2015 JKUR. I ordered the lift without shocks and went with fox 980-24-888 in the rear. They say for 1.5 to 3.5 lift. My question is. They seem to let the axel drop really far. I'm concerned that if the jeep were put on a lift and raised up it may tear out break lines. And maybe other things I had the chance to check but failed to before putting the tires back on. Does anyone know if I should be concerned and what measures I should take to limit axel droop when lifting the jeep.
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No, axle droop is good for articulation, just make sure you have the right parts to let the axle droop without issues.

Do yourself a favor and go to Quadratec and get some JKS Brake Line Relocation brackets, and the factory lines will be enough for the droop. Takes like 10 mins to install. It comes with front and rear brackets for around $35 shipped.

Also another thing is to loosen the thick parking brake lines on the rear that mount with coat hanger type brackets and use zip ties to give it more slack. That is all you need I believe.
Thanks. I will check out the brake line relocation brackets.
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