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MARGARET, 10-14-51\6-1-12
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ok so this subject has been beat to death.:nonono:, but i do believe i finally fixed my roof leak..
the problem, when it rained hard, water would be all over the center dash and in the cup holders.
the fix, i removed the freedom panels, i loosened all the torx bolts that hold the windshield in place. next i took ratchet straps ( 3 of them ) i hooked them onto the the hooks that the freedom panels lock onto ( top of the inside windshield )ran the straps to the back of the jeep and hooked onto the tie down's on the floor of the jeep, i tightened them up evenly, not applying to much pressure , once i felt it was taught enough i tightened all the torx bolts. reinstalled the freedom panels and noticed right away that the gap was gone.:thumb:

yesterday morning was the big test, we had 5-6 inches of rain in 1 hour. after it stopped, i peered in the drivers window and not so much as a pin head of water anywhere, dry as desert sand. i opened the door and felt every thing i could place my hands on no wet spots no water, nothing, i do believe i fixed my leaking roof.
only time will tell.

yes i should have taken pictures, but it was a desperation move, spur of the moment, dealer tried a dozen times to fix it. sometimes they made it worse.
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